We all know the football helmet is the most heavily litigated piece of equipment in sports. With HelmetFit, your organization can prove and assure players’ helmets were fit. As the demo report details below, we record the date and time of every helmet fitting session–we look at it as a tool that protects your players and your organization.

  • How do I access my fit history report?

    Press the ‘Reports’ tab within the app and your phone will automatically open the fit history report through your Internet browser. You can copy that link and paste it into your browser so you can access the report at any time. We encourage our users to save the report as a PDF doc periodically. Our recommendation is to save the page as a PDF at the end of every month and at the end of the season.

  • What if someone deletes a player from the app?

    We archive every player that has been added within the app. Therefore, even if a player was deleted, their information is listed at the bottom of the fit history report in the ‘Archive’ section.


    If a player changes his helmet, we recommend that you delete the player, re-create them again within the app, and assign them their new helmet. This way the player’s fit information will be displayed in the fit history report with the correct helmet. If you do not delete the player before you change his helmet, our fit history report will only recognize the current helmet that player is using.