Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an Internet connection to use HelmetFit?

    You do not need an Internet connection or LTE service to use HelmetFit. Like any other app, you will need cellular service or a Wi-Fi connection to download the HelmetFit app from the App store.

    After the app is downloaded, you can use HelmetFit without cellular service or Wi-Fi. The app will store all data locally (fit settings, players, fit history etc.)

    However, we recommend connecting to LTE coverage or WiFi periodically when using the app so your data is backed up and stored in our cloud servers.

    Finally, if you ever have a reason to log out of your account within the app, you will need LTE coverage or a WiFi connection to sign back into your account. So if you’re playing the University of Middle of Nowhere, stay logged in!

  • How long does the pump battery last?

    Our tests show that you can fit 100 helmets every day for two weeks until you need another charge. Since it is unlikely you will achieve such a high rate of use, one charge a month is a safe estimate.

  • Are the pumps under warranty?

    Yes. HelmetFit guarantees a three-year warranty for all programs. No questions asked.

  • Are the pumps waterproof?

    Our pumps can withstand rainfall. It can’t withstand your student manager throwing it in the washing machine. Play it safe and keep it dry.

  • Is HelmetFit compatible with all helmets?

    HelmetFit is compatible with all helmets that have inflatable airlines. This is all Riddell and Schutt varsity and youth models. Want to verify that HelmetFit works with your helmets? Call our office line at 609-344-3400.

  • Does HelmetFit only work on an iPhone?

    At this time, HelmetFit can only be downloaded on IOS devices. That includes all iPhone, iPod and iPad models.

  • Do you save our team's fit history data?

    We store and save your fit history data for the entirety of your account. For more information about our fit history report feature, check out the ‘Fit History’ page within our site.

  • What if a player gets a haircut? How do I save a new fit setting?

    You can always adjust a player’s custom fit setting. Watch our tutorial video below to learn more.

  • How many account logins/downloads does my team receive?

    A team account can have an unlimited amount of users download the HelmetFit app. Users can also be logged in simultaneously.

  • Can I have separate accounts for my Freshman, JV and Varsity teams?

    Once requested, we will set up a separate account for each level at your school for no additional charge.

  • How much storage is needed on my phone for HelmetFit?

    Minimal. Depending on team size, HelmetFit takes up anywhere between 30-50 MB. That’s less than your standard banking or fantasy football app.

  • What if my team wants to purchase more than one pump?

    Additional pumps are available for purchase.

  • What happens if we play a game at a different elevation? Wouldn't that affect the player's fit setting?

    Our pump automatically calibrates the ambient air pressure before every use. Therefore, if a player’s fit setting was established at sea level, the pump will automatically calibrate the ambient air pressure at a higher elevation to arrive at the same fit setting.

Tutorial Video